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My Single Parent Adventure

My name is Keith Maki and I am the single parent of two great children,  When my single parent adventure started Jason was 7 and Laura was 5.  I have no clue how to take care of them on my own outside of the basics of feeding them, getting them to bed, and doing their laundry.  There is  a lot to learn!

I did find some much needed help.  My parents helped me  with over the phone pointers when needed.  The kids mother and I got along so it made life easier on both me and the kids.  I read some books in order to get myself organized.  The kids and I learned how to be flexible and how to talk with each other which resolved a lot of issues.

We had our trials and tribulations but it was a memorable experience.  My single parent adventure is one I will cherish forever and would never trade.  We learned so much from each other and grew closer by doing so.  If you are one of the adults who believe you can’t learn from a child you are badly mistaken!

Are You Ready For A Single Parent Adventure

The one thing that is an absolute must in any single parent adventure is sacrifice.  Your priority has to be the children.  They have to be first in each and ever decision.  They will be busy and demand all of your time and energy.  If you are not able to place them as your main focus you should rethink your situation.   Children need to feel they are the most important people in your life.  You are the adult and they depend on you and your unconditional and not distracted love.

This site is dedicated to the adventure we had together – the two kids and me.  It was a wonderful journey filled with twists and turns but mainly laughs and some tears but it all lead to us growing up together.

I hope you enjoy your time with us!

My Family Makes Me Happy


My family makes me happy every second of every day.  It has now grown by one.  Jack has arrived and he is a big baby.  He was born in mid September weighing in at a hefty 9 pounds and was 23 inches long.  He has grown a bit since then and is one happy not so little guy!

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Olivia is in first grade and doing well.  She loves school and loves to learn things on her own. Her idea of fun is taking piano lessons and dancing on a travelling team for girls her age.  Busy should be her middle name!

Marshall is almost two and can be a terror at times.  He is Papas big guy and will often be calling for me when I am working.  He loves to be read to and to run.  One thing giant about Marshie is his attitude!

The Adults

Carly and Jason have decided three children are enough.  It is a good decision.  They are great parents and have lots of energy to keep up with the three kids!

Laura has a great career and now has a steady boyfriend.  Who knows what will happen there!

The holidays are now right around the corner and I am happy!  I love these guys so much!  Now you know why my family makes me happy!  I am one lucky Papa!

What is Happening Now

The kids are all grown up now and living lives of their own. I am going to dedicate my blog to things happening in my life and theirs now.  It is going to include stories of how my two children are doing in life, my grand children and my life in general. This is what I am going to share today!

I am awaiting the arrival of my third grand child any day now.  His name will be Jack and I am greatly anticipating his arrival.  My duty when the time comes is to watch my other two grand children, Olivia and Marshall, while Jason and Carly have the baby.  I am extremely happy and proud I get to share so much in this new arrival and relish the idea of another baby in my life!