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My Purpose In Life Is To Love……

My purpose in life is to love my children with all of my heart and soul.  I put them first in all matters as they are the number one priority in my life.  Being a parent comes first and everything else comes in a distant second or lower.

If you are asked a question about what your purpose in life is and you are a parent how would you answer the question?  It was very easy for me to answer. My purpose in life is to love and nurture my children and to help them be great adults.  I made many sacrifices over the years to make sure I had the time to spend with my children.   This is what I wanted to do and they needed from me.

Laura at 16

My employers had to be flexible.  I wanted to help coach baseball and football for my son plus attend his basketball and wrestling.  My desire was to see my daughters games whether soccer, basketball, or volleyball.  i did not want to miss a conference or a concert for either child.  When they were ill I wanted to be able to stay home with them.

I did have trouble with two different employers who did not believe a dad should stay home with and take care of his kids.  I ended up leaving those jobs which was a good thing.  It was truly a discrimination issue as the moms did not have the same problem.  My kids came first!  Their mom watched them sometimes and spent a lot of time with them but I was the primary custodian and it was my responsibility and i loved every minute of it!

Jason at 17

What Is Your Title

I passed up promotions and other jobs because they would not be flexible. I made enough money so we could make it!  The title I wanted most in my life was DAD!  It still makes me feel great even though my kids are grown up when they need my help for something!

You don’t have to give up everything in your life for your kids but they need to be your highest priority!  If you can’t find some sort of balance between your work life, personal life and your home life it will show in your relationship with your children.  This will last from childhood all the way for the rest of your life.

Your kids don’t need all the material things they get in life – the main thing they need in their lives at all time is YOU!

Why Are You A Parent?

Why are you a parent?  Is this a question you have ever wondered about?  I am sure you know all of the biology that goes into making the baby you have.  The guy does his thing and the gal does her thing and nine months later a baby comes along.

If you are asking yourself why are you a parent perhaps you should have taken precautions against this happening.  You know all the birth control methods out there.  Pregnancy is fairly easy to prevent and if you are not ready to have the responsibility of have a child make sure you don’t.  If you weren’t prepared at the time and looking forward to it now things will work out!

The Baby Makes An Introduction

When this blessing appears you should feel on top of the world!  The miracle created is part of you and, hopefully, somebody you love.  If this is not the case please give this baby a fighting chance and the parent that loves him or her keep them while the other steps aside or give the baby up for adoption.  All kids deserve a chance at a happy life!

I am hoping you are a couple that falls for this baby right away and stays together forever!  This baby will have the security of a mother and father (or some combination) and be loved.  If this relationship breaks up the child should still have the support from both of you unless the worst happens and one of you passes away!

Children need stability in order to excel at life.  Many of you think you can’t tolerate this or that without trying.  I am still friends with my ex wife and we are still friends!  It took us a few years to get up to that point after the divorce but the kids were never put in the middle.  It has been over 20 years now and I am friends with her new husband and everything is good!  Both of my kids graduated from 4 year colleges and are great people!

Children Always Come First

I always preach and will always preach kids come first!  It is not your dislike for your ex, your looking for a new replacement, or yourself!  You helped created this perfect being so it is your mission to love and take care of them for the rest of your life!  If you have the ultimate disaster of losing your child you will be devastated beyond measure as life has really cheated you of the beauty and wonder of your special miracle.

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From Cub Scout To Parent

In my life I have literally gone from cub scout to parent.  I started in cub scouts when I was 6 years old.  It was a fun time in my life and I learned a lot.  I kept in scouting until I was 18 years old.  The discipline I learned along with the outdoor skills and leadership skills will never be forgotten!

I loved scouting.  It could be because my dad was loved it and encouraged the participation.  The leaders we had loved to camp out so we had lots of them.  My chance to be a leader came early which suited me just fine.  I am still very proud of all my accomplishments in scouting especially my Eagle Badge!

How does this all tie in with being a parent?  A parent must have some leadership skills.  Scouting teaches you how to make good decisions and how to follow through on the decisions you make.

From Cub Scout To Parent

What about changing diapers and taking care of children?  A scout is taught to follow through with what needs to be done and learns to do it right.  They place themselves in the background  and take care of the task at hand.

How about doing chores around the home? Both parents and scouts have to live up to a certain code of conduct.  They must get things done so everyone is safe.  Whether it comes to doing laundry or just taking out the trash both sides have to do this.

When do you ask for help?  Whenever you need it.  A scout and a parent are not to proud to ask for assistance as they have to get things done without jeopardizing the health and safety of anyone involved including themselves!

Do they use manners and expect others to?  Yes!  Both parents and scouts want everyone to say please and thank you.  They want proper manners to be used at all times not just when convenient.  A scout is much better at this than most parents!  We are mostly do as I say not as I do..

In conclusion if we go by the scouts law – A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient,thrifty, brave, clean and reverent – we as parents would really be teaching our kids great words to live by!

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