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Summer Fun For Kids And Parents

One look at the calendar tells us that the school year is almost over for the year.  Even if we don’t have kids in school summer is going to be upon us in no time!  All of us want to find some summer fun for kids and parents so we can spend some quality time with each other.  I always enjoy taking some time of to spend with the kids doing things we all enjoy and trying new things!  A budget is in place but I know fun times are in order!

Summer Fun For Kids And Parents

One of our favorite places to go during the break is to the Minnesota Zoo.  An entire day can be spent enjoying the animals, walking the paths, and loving the time together.  It is a great way to spend a day with all ages of kids and adults alike!  If you can budget it go to other state zoos  – it is a great experience and a nice little vacation!

A great place for kids and adults!

A family place in Minnesota where we hit at least 4 – 5 times per summer is Valley Fair.  It is an amusement park with rides for little ones and adults.  It has water rides, roller coasters, entertainers, etc. so there is always something to do!  I am sure you will have one close to your house!

Several years ago we invested in a large kiddie pool, built a sandbox, and added a swing set.  We do have picnics right in our backyard!  It is a fun way to spend time together or just the kids can play with their friends if they want to… We also go to local parks so they can run and burn off some energy!

We are blessed in our state of Minnesota to have many beaches and swimming places to go to.   Our family will just go swimming for an afternoon or evening…The kids love the water as do I so it is another way to spend time together… Sometimes the kids invite their friends and families to join us and then we all make a day out of it!

Bike riding is another activity we do together.  It is good exercise and can be a lifelong passion!  The kids love it and we can just ride around home or go to a bike trail.

kids having fun make us all smile!

How Much Time Do You Need?

I know most of you have to work and can only take a few days off…that is normal.. It is not always how many extra days you have with the kids it is what you do when you have them! When you are with the kids make the most of it… Take a week or two off this summer and spend it having fun with the kids!  Weekends are made for outdoor activities whenever possible!  Your kids love you and want to spend time with you — please grant them their wish!

Thank you for reading!