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Keith Relaxing

Keith Relaxing


I am going to tell you a little bit about me.  My name is Keith Maki and the story begins on March 27, 1957  when I was born.  If I am going to tell you about me I supposed I better start at the very beginning!

I am the oldest of four children.  Two brothers follow right behind and last comes my sister.  We were raised by two very loving parents in a middle class home in Duluth,  Minnesota. It was a great upbringing and I found a love for the outdoors and fishing in my childhood.  I also love football, baseball, basketball, cooking, and a lot of other things.

When I was 15 years old I received my Eagle Scout Badge.  I loved being a Boy Scout and learned a lot of things being one.  It really taught me responsibility and how to work with others.  We camped a lot and were part of the First International Scout Olympics in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

My Prior Experience With Kids

One of the ways I made money as a teenager was babysitting.  I was the neighborhood favorite sitter for several different families!  The kids liked me because I played with them, fed them, listened to them, and made sure they were taken care of.  The listened to me because they liked me and I treated them well.  I was very busy as a sitter!

When I went to college I worked for the school board and gave up the babysitting.  I was busy with my classes and part time job plus doing what college kids do.  I had fun, learned a lot, and then moved to the Minneapolis, MN to finish school and work.

A friend of mine set me up with a nice girl whom I fell for and eventually married.  We had two lovely kids together but after 13 years of marriage she was ready to call it quits.  The kids were Jason (7) and Laura (5).  I was going to be a single parent!

The site is about our journey through life.  The advice I found and can share.  Funny stories you may like to ease your day.  Please comment if you find something you like or dislike or if you want to share something.

Welcome to my awesome life!