All Children Deserve To Be Healthy And Loved

You can probably tell by the theme of my website i am really an advocate for children.  I love my children and grand children with all of my heart and sole.  I also want all children to have the same love from their parents and grand parents and the chance to live a long and happy life.   My children and grand children know how it feels to be cared for at the top level.  I honestly believe all children deserve to be healthy and loved.  They must have the same feeling of security and being cherished as the children in my family have.

I am sure you know I make a few cents for each purchase you make via the links I have placed on my website.  It is a way for me to pay my medical bills which are very high due to my rheumatoid arthritis.  The money allows me to keep this website going which is a passion of mine and I hope it touches your heart in some way too.  I am doing something for the next year to help children with physical and emotional issues get the help they deserve and need.

St. Judes Children’s Hospital

My website is going to donate 10% of all sales made in 2017 to ST. JUDES CHILDRENS RESEARCH HOSPITAL  The reason I chose this place is it works on both research and hospitalization with no cost to the families.   They work on both physical and mental issues.  The main reason is they specialize in the care of our most precious ones…our children!

The website address for St. Judes is  If you go and take a look at all of the things they offer you will be surprised!  They are a great place for a child with severe diseases like cancer to go for treatment.  It is a place where the kids are with other kids like themselves so they don’t feel out of place.  I really believe in the mission and work they do at St. Judes which is why I am doing this. St. Judes leads the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

You may remember them from ads by Marlo Thomas or their founder Danny Thomas.  I hope you will purchase Amazon or other products through my site. When you  purchase anything from me it will not cost you any more and you will be helping children.  If you choose not to please donate to St. Jude on your own!!

Have a great 2017!





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