Children With Painful Diseases

All parents worry about having and raising healthy children. When you have children with painful diseases whether they are hidden or not it is a hard thing to live with. You child is yours from birth until death – hopefully yours comes before theirs as it is not right for any parent to have to bury their own child!

My mother constantly worries about me. Why? I am almost 60 years old but I am still her baby. I have rheumatoid arthritis which slows me down from my writing and other things. It did change my life in many ways but I am handling it pretty well..But my mother checks up on me because she is my mom and I know she sees me as her child running around and playing with my friends..How do I know that? I have two children of my own and that is how I see them at times! This really is not about me so I will move on.

Children With Painful Diseases – Hidden

My nephew had a severe case of depression along with other mental illness issues. He would not see a doctor about them or admit he knew he was suffering from them. He pretended things were okay and he would brush them off. When things were going well LK, which is his nickname, would talk and have fun with you. When he was having a hard time he was surly and would hide from the world. He was a much loved young man of 31 years old who felt alone and thought himself not worthy of love or any human contact. His mother – my sister – lost him to a self inflicted wound in October due to his depression and other mental maladies.

I would love for this issue to be caught earlier in childhood. This will take research and education. My nephew had his issues all his life. He inherited them from his mother who inherited them from our grandmother. As men we are taught to be macho and not let things bother us. This leads to us not telling when we are bullied or feel depressed. It is an image which needs to be changed to fight this battle!


Some things can’t be seen but still exist. Children can be in pain and hide it from us. I hope you as a parent understand the importance of catching your children with painful diseases early. The main story of this is the mental issues. I am positive my nephew was bullied when he was younger but just took it and said nothing. He was a brilliant kid with a genius IQ but lacked social skills. He was different thus a target.

I am going to close this now as it is getting to me. Parents taking care of their children with painful diseases whether they are physical or mental it is a very difficult situation. You must be strong and always put the needs of your child first!


Thank you for reading my post!



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