A Family Trip To The Omaha Zoo

In the summer of 1996 a family group of seven ventured out to Omaha Nebraska for a family trip to the Omaha zoo.  This was a trip we planned several months prior.

A carload of four including my brother Kel, his wife Ginny, my sister Kathy,and her son LK (10) left Duluth, Minnesota for their 530 mile, 9 hour drive to Omaha.  The first stop was going to be at my house for the night and then leave my house the next morning.

I packed up my two kids Laura (7) and Jason (9) for our 370 mile 6.5 hour drive.  We all had pizza  and stayed at my house the night before we set out.  It was going to be a great time!

On Our Way

The next morning after a decent nights sleep we all set out for our adventure!  The boys were all in one car and the girls in another.  We packed snacks in each car and we were going to stop about half way for lunch.

The boys were loud as boys usually are and the trip was going great!  The girls met us for lunch at a local cafe in DesMoines, Iowa.  The food was good.  Everyone was ready to get underway so off we went!  Next stop our hotel in Omaha!

It took us about three hours but we made it!  We arrived at the hotel, checked in and unloaded the luggage to our three rooms.  Our next step was to go to the pool!

Swimming and kids is a great thing!  They were splashing and playing like dolphins for a couple of hours and then a parents most often heard words came out: I’m hungry!

Off to dinner!  To the rooms we went for quick showers and then to dinner.  Omaha is known for great steaks and we were not disappointed!  The steaks were medium rare deliciousness seasoned to perfection!  Laura had macaroni and cheese and she loved it!

Now it was time to relax, watch a little television and rest up for our big day.  I know I was tired after the drive.  Soon my eyes closed and off to sleep I went…

A Family Trip To The Omaha Zoo

Morning was here!  The zoo opened at 8 and we wanted to be there on time!  The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha is a well known place and would take a lot of time to see everything!  The kids were very excited so off we went!

We parked our cars at the back gate and it was open but no ticket sellers so I thought it must be a free day or something.  We walked in and started our day!  The first stop was food!

Mini donuts and either coffee or milk.  A great start to any day!  We ate while we walked.  The smiles on our faces proved how happy we were!  The kids were always a few feet ahead of us so we had to reign them back in once in awhile!

At the monkey house we had to split up for a bit.  My brother and I took LK with us and the others went ahead of us.  As we were walking one of the monkeys in a tree looked and started chattering at LK.  He then took a piece of his poop and threw it at LK!  Then did it again!  It was the funniest thing I ever saw!

Food And Fun At The Zoo

The seven of us slowly continued our walk.  We stopped at each exhibit and enjoyed every one of them.  It was closing in on lunchtime and they had a sit down cafeteria to eat at.  All three kids were hungry so we went in and had some burgers, fries, and pop.  Not all that nutritious but very delicious!

Onward to see more animals!  This is a great zoo!  We are now at the rides.  The kids all wanted to go on some of them.  All of us pitched in and let them have a go!  It was so awesome watching the smile and laugh on the rides!

Ice cream time!  Seven twisted cones later we were at the entrance…At the entrance?  I went to the cashier and asked for a couple of programs which would tell us where everything was…She looked confused…I was confused because we did not get any at the other entrance!  It turns out we were not supposed to go in the other entrance it was just for maintenance vehicles!  Whoops!

Now with the programs our discovery showed we had missed taking the train around the zoo.  This was our next fun thing to do and our last.  It was getting close to time to go and the adults – maybe the kids – were getting tired!  The train ride was great!

What a family trip to the Omaha zoo!  This was just part of our week long vacation but is the part I wanted to share!

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “A Family Trip To The Omaha Zoo

  1. Jewel

    Hey Keith

    I really enjoyed yr wonderful post. This Omaha zoo seems like such a fun and interesting place and I believe it will be a fantastic place to bring our children there!

    But sorry, may I ask, where is this Omaha Zoo? Is it in USA, which part of USA?

    I like yr part of yr story when you wrote :

    “….one of the monkeys in a tree looked and started chattering at LK. He then took a piece of his poop and threw it at LK! Then did it again! It was the funniest thing I ever saw!”

    Now that really made me laugh!!

    Anyway, thanks very much for such a delightful post on “A Family Trip To The Omaha Zoo”



    1. Keith Maki Post author

      Thank you Jewel! It was a very enjoyable trip that created a lot of memories! Omaha is in the United States. It is in the state of Nebraska. The zoo itself is known as the Henry Doorly Zoo and it is a great place to visit for both adults and children. When you go make sure you have plenty of time because it is a lot of walking and there is a lot to see!

      Take care,


  2. Keith Maki Post author

    It was a great trip to the zoo! The kids had fun as well as the adults. It is a trip we will remember for the rest of our lives!


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