Single Moms and Single Dads Need Extra Money

When you are used to being a two income family the money made is split among the household bills.  This helps stretch the the budget and allows for some extra money for emergencies or unexpected expenses during the time between paychecks.  But when the household split it leads to the situation where single moms and single dads need extra money to make ends meet.

If you are a single parent household you support the entire cost of the household.  You may get child support for some help or, on the other are paying child support which really cuts into your budget.  In both cases you need extra money most of the time just so you can make ends meet.  At least I did!

When I first was without wife and kids I was paying child support.  We had joint custody but they were living with their mother.  I was paying way to much child support to keep up a household on just one full time job so I worked a 20 hour work week part time job.  This helped for a bit.

My son needed braces on his teeth so I needed more money.  I added another part time job at a liquor store to cover that cost.  It seemed like one expense after another was just keeping me away from my kids!.

It was then I started looking for a way to do things at home after work so I could see the kids more often.  I started doing income taxes and kept books for two small companies. My college degree was in business  with some accounting and psychology so that helped me for awhile.

I Have The Kids But Still Need Money

I searched for online, found nothing, After 3 years apart I gained custody of the kids. Child support was now coming in not going out.  Money was still a problem but now time was an issue   I did find many different things online but none of them were worthwhile due to cost, bad reviews or something else.

The kids were now both in college and I was suffering from medical issues.  My employer had me on long term disability and gave me a choice of either early retirement or getting let go.  You can guess I chose early retirement.

Now I am home without any kids but with less money than ever!  I again searched the internet and found a business where I could sell books.  This looked interesting but I did not have the $2000 to risk doing it.  I could have tried selling dental insurance cards – no interest and really no margin and an up front cost.

A Great Place To Be And It Is Free

I finally found a place I really love after all the disappointments I just want to tell you a few things about Wealthy Affiliate and then I will let it go. It is a no cost at all – I mean at all – program with great teaching and better support.  Here is the program Offered:

  • Free training – yes it really is free
  • 2 free website
  • You are taught how to find a niche and build your free – again it is really free – website
  • You learn how to make money on your website several different ways
  • A community of great people assisting you with questions you may have
  • You can upgrade if you want to it is less than $50 per month or you can pay annually for $359
  • Kyle and Carson are the founders and are great guys and available to us all.
  • They do not promise a get rich overnight scheme but will teach you the right way to make a website and make money with it the ethical way and have fun doing it

If you are in need of some extra money just go in and look around.  There is no commitment, no cost, and great potential..You can work from home and spend time with your kids…Please give it a look!  It really is a no risk place.  Take a look around.  Take a lesson or two.  If you like it stay and learn.  If not, you can just leave.  It is that simple.  No tricks!