From Trikes To Bikes – Creating A Lifetime Of Adventure

One of the main things I did with my kids was got them active in activities I enjoyed doing.  I always loved to ride my bike so I wanted them to learn and experience the same joy and freedom I have  while riding my bike.  The idea was to start from trikes to bikes – creating a lifetime of adventure they could share with their kids and it could be passed on from generation to generation.

From Trikes To Bikes – Creating A Lifetime Of Adventure

I am now a grandfather of three and my son has the same approach.  My grandson, who is two, just got his first tricycle.  He will be learning to ride it this spring and summer and soon freedom will be his!  Marshall loves trying new things and he will be using this until he is  ready for a bike.

Marshall’s tricycle

Olivia’s New Bike

Olivia is almost 7 and she just got this bicycle for her birthday this year.  this is here second bike as she outgrew her first one.  It is going to allow her to ride around with her friends and her parents.  She outgrew her first one and now is able to do more on her own with a bigger bike!/

These are the bikes Jason and Carly have.  They are going to take the kids on some short rides at first and then some longer ones.  It is a good thing as all kids should learn how to ride a bike and have fun doing it!

Carly’s Bike

Jason’s Bike

In a year or two it will be Jack’s turn to start out in his love of the outdoors and riding a bike!  It should be a family affair and with our family it is!

What Every Parent Single Or Together Should Do

If you want your kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself in one riding a bike is one way to do that.  When you live in Minnesota you do have some limitations due to the weather but you use all the time you have and enjoy the lakes and bike trails!  The kids will enjoy the special time with their parents so it is a win win situations for all!

I have posted links back to Amazon on the bicycles and would like you to take a look at them or others if you would like to.  I am also going to post a link to some accessories you may need.  This will all help you get started on a lifelong journey of riding a bike and discovering many different areas of your state and others you may not have otherwise!

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