Is Your Schedule Insane?

Whether you are a single parent or a parent in a two parent household this may be a question you have to answer: Is your schedule insane?

We know what cause this.  In my case it was:

  • school bus
  • doctors appointments
  • dentist appointments
  • teachers conference
  • music lessons
  • football practice
  • soccer practice
  • baseball practice
  • basketball practice
  • debate
  • football games
  • baseball games
  • soccer games
  • basketball games
  • music concerts
  • debate matches
  • volleyball practice
  • volleyball matches
  • my work events
  • softball practice for me
  • softball games for me
  • and I am sure I am missing many other things

This is the life of the busy single parent.  Not only are you trying to keep track of yourself but also of your kids – two of them in my case. This is my answer to the question is your schedule insane.  It was not always easy but it could be done.  Here is how I accomplished it.

Manage Your Insane Schedule

I had a big calendar on the wall with the time of the event and who was participating in the event.  If I had two at the same time I had to either find a ride for one or really scramble to make sure they got where they needed to be on time!  I remember dropping one kid off, watching part of a game. About halfway through I left to drop off the other one – watched half that game.  I went back to the first child’s game and picked them up and went to watch the end of the other game.  It was a real busy time!

I also kept another calendar on my desktop at work.  It showed the same events and times.  It kept me organized so I left work on time and I was prepared for where I was to be that evening!

With the cellphone calendars now I would keep a calendar on my cellphone too…It would be another reminder of my responsibility!  I loved doing this so it never really was a bother!

You will find the only real difficulty exists is when the kids start playing on travelling squads.  Then you may be driving many miles with them to watch the game or riding on a long bus trip.  It is all great fun but it will eat up a lot of time!

Your kids will remember every minute you share with them and this is very important to them.  Try to miss as few events as you can and cheer loudly for your child and the team!

Thank you for reading!