My Purpose In Life Is To Love……

My purpose in life is to love my children with all of my heart and soul.  I put them first in all matters as they are the number one priority in my life.  Being a parent comes first and everything else comes in a distant second or lower.

If you are asked a question about what your purpose in life is and you are a parent how would you answer the question?  It was very easy for me to answer. My purpose in life is to love and nurture my children and to help them be great adults.  I made many sacrifices over the years to make sure I had the time to spend with my children.   This is what I wanted to do and they needed from me.

Laura at 16

My employers had to be flexible.  I wanted to help coach baseball and football for my son plus attend his basketball and wrestling.  My desire was to see my daughters games whether soccer, basketball, or volleyball.  i did not want to miss a conference or a concert for either child.  When they were ill I wanted to be able to stay home with them.

I did have trouble with two different employers who did not believe a dad should stay home with and take care of his kids.  I ended up leaving those jobs which was a good thing.  It was truly a discrimination issue as the moms did not have the same problem.  My kids came first!  Their mom watched them sometimes and spent a lot of time with them but I was the primary custodian and it was my responsibility and i loved every minute of it!

Jason at 17

What Is Your Title

I passed up promotions and other jobs because they would not be flexible. I made enough money so we could make it!  The title I wanted most in my life was DAD!  It still makes me feel great even though my kids are grown up when they need my help for something!

You don’t have to give up everything in your life for your kids but they need to be your highest priority!  If you can’t find some sort of balance between your work life, personal life and your home life it will show in your relationship with your children.  This will last from childhood all the way for the rest of your life.

Your kids don’t need all the material things they get in life – the main thing they need in their lives at all time is YOU!

2 thoughts on “My Purpose In Life Is To Love……

  1. Jewel

    Hey Keith,

    I am very touched by yr wonderful post. Wow! What a noble purpose you have! That really shows a parent’s unconditional love for their children. 🙂

    I totally agree with you, Keith, to me, my four children are such awesome gifts from God! I love them very much.. and cannot live without them..

    And the title you wanted most in yr life was Dad! That was so commendable!

    Thanks very much for yr awesome post on “My Purpose In Life Is To Love.. ”


    1. Keith Maki Post author

      Hi Jewel,

      Many people think they need a title for what they do for a living but I always believed it was more important to have the title for what kept me happy and alive! I love being a dad and that is what I want to be recognized as!

      I am so happy you are of like mind! I know you are a great mother with children you are proud of – just like I am a proud father of mine!

      Thank you for your comment and your love of children!



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