What Is A Single Parent

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 What Is A Single Parent Featuring My Dog Maggie

What is a single parent?  The dictionary definition states ” a parent or guardian that brings up a child or children alone, without a partner.”  I really think this is a simplistic definition of the situation.

When I started taking care of my kids alone back in 1994 the only three types of single parent households raising kids were single couples that broke up, married couples that broke up or someone with a deceased spouse.  You could have victims of rape with the child but this was not common but did happen.

Now you have more single people making choices to either adopt children, have eggs fertilized for them,  gay couples adopting children and breaking up, etc,  A big change has come along in single parenting.  The changes of couple types may exist but raising the children with love, understanding, communication, and patience still remains a must in every situation.

Support For Single Parents

When you are raising a child as a single parent you are really not alone.  You will have support if you want it. People like your ex, parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, church members, social groups, and others are available  for support.  You are only alone if you are not wanting help!

Your children need other people in their lives besides you.  If they only see things from one point of view it will make both you and them too tangled together.  You need time apart to gather your thoughts and live some on your own.  They need to trust other adults.  You may think you are doing your kids a favor by never letting them be without you but you are really smothering them and someday it will come back to haunt all of you!

My kids are truly loved by me but I  appreciated when their mom took them for a day or when they spent a day with their cousins.  I needed time to get my own tasks done and to have some fun with my friends!  Their company was relished most of the time but the breaks were a needed part of our life!