Laura Keith and Jason

Laura Keith and Jason creators of the stories


This section is going to be for me to tell stories about some of the trials, adventures, and fun I had with bringing up my two kids.  It will have funny stories and some sad stories.

The one thing I will warn you is they may not all be in age order – my memory kind of comes and goes so I write what my mind tells me!  I hope you will enjoy this section as much as I will telling the tales!





It was the summer of 1991 and my son wanted to learn how to ride the bike he received as a birthday present.  I went out to the garage and put on the training wheels, took him across the street as we had no sidewalk on our side and let him get on.  He was very excited!

Standing behind him I gave him a light push so he could start peddling to his freedom.  He was very serious about his mission to learn how to ride his awesome new bike and nothing was going to stop him.  My boy started peddling while I pushed him.  He steered the bike, peddled on, and I let go as he slowly progressed down the sidewalk to the end of the block,


After several journeys up and down the block this way, Jay decides he has had enough help and wants to try it on his own.  He turns to me and says “Dad, can I practice by myself”?  I agreed. Going back across the street I sat on a chair to watch as only a proud dad could!

Jason started out going slowly but moving and seemed to get frustrated.  My son is not one to give up but is very impatient.  I turned around to check on the dog who was out with me and what did I see?  Jason was running up and down the sidewalk on the other side of the street pushing his bike!  I could not contain the laughter!


I went across the street a bit puzzled but curious as to why he was running instead of riding…His answer was simple.  It was much faster for him to run and push the bike than it was to ride the bike!  Go figure!