My Child Has Trouble At School

It was a typical Tuesday morning in early October and my son was ready for school.  Jason finished eating his breakfast and was waiting for his school bus to arrive.  The last five minutes were driving this 6 year old crazy!  It was impossible to believe this would be the day my child has trouble at school!

I said “Jason you can go to the bus stop now.” He said “bye dad”. and off he went.  The bus stop is only a block away and he had five minutes so I knew he would be on time.  My son absolutely loves school and his first grade class!

I had to finish getting my 4 year old dressed for daycare and me ready for work.  We managed to finish up and get out the door.  Laura was dropped off at her daycare and I went to work.

My Child Has Trouble At School

About 11 AM I received a call from the elementary school.  I was asked to come in to talk with them as something  happened that needed to be discussed. Evidently  Jason was a bit upset over this situation  and needed to be calmed down.  I went to my boss, explained the situation and left for the school.

I went to the elementary school and then directly to the principals office.  Jason was waiting there along with another student and their parents.  The principal asked me to sit down as we had a matter to discuss. The two kids were waiting outside the office as we had our conversation.

The things running through my mind then were..Did Jason get into a fight?  No, he is way to mellow to fight..Did he throw something?  What the heck did he do!!!!!!!!!!

The principal was blushing a little bit when he told us what happened.  It seems the other student, her name is Laura, had a crush on Jason.  She had caught him in the coat room and kissed him.  Jason was shocked and screamed out.  The teacher caught this.  It was really blown out of proportion!

Laura – the student not Jason’s sister – was told this was inappropriate and not to do it again.  She had to apologize to Jason.  He was over it way before this time so he just said okay.  ON the way home he told me about it and it just all caught him by surprise!

Needless to say all the parents kind of chuckled.  I was relieved.  It never did happen again! It seems I should not jump to conclusions when it involves my son and any call from school!