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Participate In The Activities Your Child Is Involved In

When your child is born you are not sure what interests they will have and are not even thinking about it at the time.  The blessing you have before you is all you see through the happy tears in your eyes.  After all the sleepless nights are over and they have grown into young people they will express interests in doing different things.   Please let them try and, when the time comes, participate in the activities your child is involved in.  It will make a huge difference not only in their life but in yours as well.

So precious and yours

How Do You Participate In The Activities Your Child Is Involved In

There are several ways you can accomplish this.  The easiest way is just to be there.  Your child is going to look for you at whatever event they are involved in.  They want and need your support…Please don’t let them down.

A second way is to become the team parent.  This will involve taking more time and organizing things like carpools and snacks.  It can be a rewarding experience and you will get to know all of the parents and children in the activity.  It is fun but only if you make it so!

A third way is to help out at the games or event by officiating, selling candy, or whatever else is needed.  At most events parents are needed to assist in things and when you help it helps both your child and the rest of the team.

The last thing is to coach or be an assistant to the activity.  This would mean giving more time but most of the teams will need help until your child is in high school.  You don’t have to be an expert to help run drills and be an assistant coach.  If you are an expert you could be the head coach and share your knowledge.

Teach the kids to love the outdoors

Just Be There

Your children should be the most important children in your life.  Watching them play a sport, sing a song, play an instrument, debate, or whatever they choose to do is a privilege you must not miss.  They want you and need you in their lives…Please be an active parent who really cares and don’t disappoint them!

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