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Hit And Run Kid Style

This has been a great summer for us as a family.  I live with my son in my own little apartment so I do get to see my grandchildren quite often.  We all love to go outside to play in the huge backyard.  The kids love to run – they are 2.5 and 7 (the baby is almost 1) so have tons of energy. A new game invented by us is called hit and run kid style.

Hit And Run Kid Style

The materials needed in order to play this game are a plastic bat, a plastic ball, a tee to hit off of, and something to create bases – we just use 3 pieces of cardboard.  We play with two adults – my son and I – against the two kids – Marshall and Olivia.  They do most of the batting and we play the field.  The object of the game is to get them out before they score a run….Nobody really keeps score and Jason and I do get to bat occasionally!

The main tools needed

When we first started playing this game Marshall, the two year old, was hitting the tee more than the ball. Now he is hitting the ball and hard!  He really loves the running part and laughs while running the bases.  It has become one of his favorite activities!  He will practice on his own and really is getting quite good for his age!

Olivia, the 7 year old, can really smack the ball and will sometimes hit one of us, sometimes hit the ball over our head, and still hit the tee once in awhile…She loves the game too as we are doing it together!

This is just one of the activities we are enjoying this summer.  i hope you and your family are having some fun and enjoying each others company just like we are!  The kids grow up so fast so enjoy them while you can!

Take care,